Frequently asked questions

Where, when, how … ?

1.  What kind of luggage should I take with me ?

Perfect are sport bags, which are soft and easy foldable.  Hard suitcases are not recommended on yachts.  One bag per passenger is ideal; in the cabin is enough storage room for your belongings.

2.  What kind of dress is recommended on the yacht ?

Casual, as you like it.  We recommend sporty shoes with soft (anti slip) soles.  For outside walk on the boat, please consider some wind protecting coat or pullover.

3.  What type of dress for ashore walks and visit ?

You wear what you like.  Just consider easy walking shoes..

4.  What passengers are on board ?

We charter the yacht only a single customer, who can bring up to 3 more passengers on board, as there are 2 cabins (2 persons/ each) available for the passengers.

5.  Can I use the e-bikes ?

We do have 2 e-bikes on board, free of use for the passengers.  Although there is no legal obligation to wear a biker-helmet, we recommend bringing your own helmet.  Please consider good shoes for biking.
We cannot accept your own bikes on board, due to the limited space.

6.  What language is spoken on board ? 

We adapt to our passengers and we can communicate in English, German, Dutch and French.

7.  Is smoking on board allowed ?

Smoking is only allowed on the outside front deck.  Inside the yacht and on the rear upper deck, smoking is not allowed at any time.

8.  Are pets on board welcome ?

Unfortunately not.  In some exceptional cases, we might consider to accept a small pet on board, but not in the inside area of the yacht.  Please talk to us to consider a potential solution.

9.  What is the typical program of a day on board ?

We serve a rich breakfast on board in the salon or on the upper deck depending on the weather and your preferences.  During the day, you can enjoy boating, the scenery or all other kind of relaxing holidays and pastimes, having a drink and a chat with the crew, etc.  Feel like at home on your own boat.  If you are interested, the skipper can also hand over from time to time the steering wheel giving you the opportunity to navigate with the yacht.  At noon, the skipper’s spouse will serve a freshly prepared lunch on board.  At any time, we can arrange for a break to have a sightseeing tour by bike or just walking ashore, all is possible depending your wishes.  At the later afternoon, we are mooring for overnight at a marina or at quiet stopover locations.  The passengers may have a walk to discover the area including tasting local restaurants, the skipper will advise you to find some nice places.  To close the evening, a drink on board, watching TV or just sitting on the upper deck is all possible.

10. How flexible is the daily program ?

The crew defines together with the passengers the daily program including stops to go ashore for visits, restaurants, biking, etc.  Depending on the chosen itinerary, the daily navigation time is between 5 to 6 hours.  You enjoy the time on board like a yacht owner.

11. Does the passenger have some duties on board ?

No, the passengers just enjoy the trip and the holidays.  All navigation manoeuvres are handled by the skipper and his wife.  If the passengers are interested, the could give a hand.

12. How is safety on board ?

The yacht is new and fully compliant with all safety regulations.  The technical equipment, the navigation instruments are hight standard allowing safe navigation.  There are life-jackets on board for all persons.  The yacht has a railing all around allowing safe movements on board.  The skipper’s safety instructions have to be followed at any time.

13. How to book the boat for a trip ?

As we offer a tailored holiday’s program with the yacht, we cannot offer an online-booking.  We are pleased to get your holiday’s request by phone or email.  Please also refer to our booking steps under the tab “rates”.

14. How and when is the boat booking to be paid ?

You will get a written, detailed offer, aligned with your expectation (duration, timing, location).  If you are accepting the Belnautic offer, please send a deposit of 30 % to the Belnautic account, you then get a booking confirmation.  The remaining amount of the booking is to be pail latest 3 weeks before the holidays start.

15. Could an unforeseen change in the itinerary happen ?

In exceptional cases such as navigation restriction, technical break-downs, etc. Belnautic might be forced to change the itinerary.  In this unlikely case, we will align with our passengers to maintain an enjoyable and relaxing boating holiday.

16. Can a booking be modified or cancelled ?

If the passengers want to cancel a booking, the conditions are defined in the general terms.  We recommend travel cancellation insurance.  Any request for modifications on the bookings (duration, timing, etc.) will be discussed to find a mutual agreement, however there is no legal claim of such modification.

17. Where can I park my car during the boat trip ?

According to the various embarkment points, there are parking options for your car, which we will advise you.  In addition, we also might arrange for a shuttle service, for instance to the railway station or airport, etc..

18. Are one-way trips possible ?

Our boating offers are usually return trips.  If you have a specific one-way trip in mind, we can discuss to find a solution.  Please talk to us.

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